Let’s grow the local food
market together.

We love local markets and how they serve the local food system. We both champion our local farms and we look forward to growing together.

  • Free profile for your market lists you in our searchable local market directory
  • List the farms and local business who participate
  • Share your market with social media
  • Great design and easy to use


Does The Farmbell compete with my market?

It's our desire to complement the way markets serve the local food community. Typi- cally, markets lend themselves to providing a grocery shopping sort of experience. Weekend markets might provide a wonderful time of community, sipping coffee and visiting with neighbors. We think that is fantastic.

Farming is a hard life and its critical farmer's capitalize on every bit of their labor. The Farmbell lends itself to orders that would typically not be fulfilled by existing networks. These could be large quantities for canning or freezing. These could be pre-orders and CSA. Or these could be fulfilling orders for restaurants who want to buy local. The Farmbell is a way for farmers to sell even more of what they produce on top of what they would normally sell through their established networks.

How can we be a part of The Farmbell?

Well first, you can set up your free profile and be included in our searchable directory of local markets.

Second, you might consider serving as a Farmbell drop point. Farmers would drop orders at your market on a particular day and time so customers can pick up. This helps serve the farmers and will drive traffic to your market. Probably the kind of people who buy other things you sell!