Bring Local Home

The Farmbell connects you with farmers and local food producers where you live. See what's available, purchase online, and pick up at a convenient drop point.
Buying local has never been so easy!

Getting started is simple:

  1. Sign-up for free
  2. Find local farms and food producers
  3. Browse available products
  4. Purchase securely online
  5. Pick up at a drop point
  6. Share your purchase with friends online


How does The Farmbell make money?

We make money by taking a percentage of the sales price. We charge 10% plus a 2.9% merchant fee (the fee we pay to process the transaction).

Are there really no other fees?

Absolutely not. There is no cost to have a profile and you have full access to all site features.

How do I pay?

You pay via credit card using our secure shopping basket.

How do I get my order?

Our farmers deliver to each drop-point at certain times through the week, you'll be able to choose the most convenient option for you.

I don't have time to pick up, can they deliver?

All farms have the option to provide free delivery if you spend over a certain amount. Do you have neighbors, friends or family that want local foods? Do a group buy and make your own house the drop point. It's a great excuse to visit with friends!

What if there aren't farms in my area who sell on The Farmbell?

We've created a neat little email invite for them. If there is a farm you think you'd be interested in purchasing from, please send them an invite. We won't spam them or put them on a mailing list.

How does The Farmbell provide support?

Please use our contact form. We want everyone to have a great experience using The Farmbell to buy and sell local foods.