Two guys who will work for food

Food is big business and sure enough, everybody's got to eat! But we are here be- cause we love eating locally and want to support the small scale growers that nourish our bodies today and our land for tomorrow. It's not just a business opportunity but a passion for us. Our backgrounds have helped us see ways to shorten the supply chain and benefit both the producer and buyer by taking full advantage of social media and online sales.


Mike grew up in farm country north of Detroit, Michigan. He made the journey south to study Graphic Design in Green- ville, South Carolina. After graduation he took a job at a local ad agency where he was introduced to good music by his future Farmbell partner John. After several years of agency life, Mike moved overseas to teach and came back to start Supergreen Digital Marketing. Drinking soda and eating microwave pizza led him to a major change of lifestyle, a diet of all natural and preferably local foods. He and his wife Tiffany live in the Brandon community with their two chickens–Joan and Peggy, and their dog Bella. When Mike isn’t busy with church, work, and community, he’s busy cooking, canning, fermenting and pickling everything he can.


John grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and studied Marketing at nearby Clemson University. Upon Graduation he took a job at an advertising agency in Greenville where he worked with Mike in the day and played music at night. In between resizing print ads, Mike found the time to design posters, t-shirts and album artwork that helped propel John into playing music full time. He and his wife Helen moved to Chicago and traveled often to the west coast where local foods were being celebrated in the best restaurants and on display at farmers markets. When children entered the pic- ture, spending time with dudes in a van lost it's allure and brought them back to Greenville. John reconnected with Mike years later and was pleasantly surprise to learn that these former junk food junkies were both converts to healthy eating and local foods.